I have been coveting after the Mumi and Bubi Solids Starter Kit for a few years, and finally caved in and bought a set!

The set comes with two trays and two lids, and each tray holds 21 cubes. The set retails for $39.90 and can be bought from  http://www.mumiandbubi.co.nz/solidsstarterkit.htm

This set is mum-designed and made in New Zealand from plastic that is free from BPA, phthalates and PVC, making it very safe to use for baby food!

Even though we’re Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) in our house, I do like a stash of mashes for easy mealtimes if what we’re having isnt very baby friendly (not too often!) or baby is hungry before our dinner is ready (if we have visitors) or to add to what we’re having.
If you’re not BLW and doing the puree journey, you will find this kit very useful for making big batches of healthy baby food!

I started with potato, parsnip, beetroot and carrot, and then a big pot of ‘The Best Vege-Packed Mince Mixture Ever!’ from Motherhood: In My Kitchenrecipe book!

The cubes are bigger than your average ice cube – approx 2 tablespoons – and pop out very easily, even when frozen!

I then froze peach slices and steamed broccoli (excellent fnger foods!). I love the way the cubes slide out of the tray!

The size of the cubes allow the food to defrost quickly too 🙂

Once the cubes are fit, the lids fit snugly on, protecting the food (and the freezer from spills!). The trays stack so well that I wanted to buy more trays!!! (Two trays together are 7.5cm high).

The set comes with an e-book with 27 recipes to get you started- perfect if you’re new to this game of starting solids! It mentions a lot of fruits and veges you may not have thought of giving to your baby (lychees, courgettes, beetroot etc).

Another fantastic use for the trays is for sauces. I often make apricot, apple and plum sauces by simmering the fruit pieces until soft and adding some herbs. I puree and freeze. I add these cubes to baby’s meals to add another fruit serving (think apricot with roast chicken, plum with roast beef!), and I use the apple sauce on everyone’s dinners!

The Mumi and Bubi Solids Starter Set is one of those items that really makes life easier. I have used regular ice cubes for baby food but this set wins hands down – consider it a small investment!!!!
You’re making baby food for over 6 months and this can really save time and mess.

Reccomended: As a baby shower gift!




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