Isnt this picture amazing? It’s from – and here is another amazing image from their blog:


WOW WOW WOW!!!!! That is the true TREE OF LIFE there!!

The placenta is truely amazing, it is the link between you and your baby (by the very obvious umbilical cord, of course!) and feeds your baby, elminates waste from your baby, and keeps everyone alive and happy!

It’s so interesting that the word placenta comes from the latin word for ‘cake’ (since it kinda looks like one ??!?!?!?!!?) – see our post tomorrow for more on placenta and eating!!!!!!!

Fancy stuff such as immunity, nutrition, waste, blood transfer etc all occur through the placenta. It is expelled after baby is born (and isnt that the strangest feeling!!!!)

I think it is a truely amazing organ, and have dedicated a week of posts about it – so welcome to Placenta Week here at THE MOTHERHOOD PROJECT!!!!



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