So, causing a fabulous uproar this week is the release of Time Magazine’s cover for their May 21st issue:



Time Magazine
Time Magazine

Isnt that a gorgeous pic? She is a beautiful woman, she looks so appraochable, down-to-earth and natural.

I’m not a fan of how her darling boy is standing, which seems a little unnatural and uncomfortable to me, but I LOVE what the photo screams. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that Time put that on the cover of their magazine – 200 points to TIME MAGAZINE!

So the debate starts! Sometimes debate is healthy, it raises awareness, and gets you thinking about different things. So long as it doesnt get nasty. Of course, when it comes to parenting, it always gets nasty. I dont see why this has to be, because we’re all in this together, and we could be raising awesome children and fabulous communities if we all worked together. Alas, I think it could be, that parenting brings together people from such different walks of life, that they/we are bound to clash. Anyway….

I’ve just realised why I like this woman so much – she is the same age as me!!!! I was greatly amused by this comment by Ana Samways at the NZ Herald: “The fact that the woman in the shot is not your average mother she is deliberately sexualised” – to be provacative and sell magazines…. well, I think she looks like the average mother I hang out with?!?! Maybe I’ll jot an email to Ana and ask her what the average mother DOES look like!!!
The name of this woman is Janie Lynne Grumet, and I take my hat off to her for normalising Attachment Parenting.

I was not amused by Stuff’s quiz…. What do you think of attachment parenting…….. a) healthy and natural…….. b) misguided………… c) offensive.
Tonight, with 12254 votes, 22% think its healthy and natural – 2769 votes (one of them is mine!). 16.7% (2044 votes) think its offensive.
60% think its MISGUIDED.

Well, let me tell you what I think. I think 7500 Stuff readers are misguided. Because I bet you that they dont undertstand what AP really is, nor its benefits.
Perhaps all they see is teenagers sucking their mothers breasts, no sex because the baby is in the parents bed, and dysfunctional mothers suffering depression and unable to let their children grow up????

Because you shouldnt knock something til ya try it – at the least, it is indeed impolite to rubbish a theory or idea you know nothing about.

Because attachment parenting is about baby’s needs and wants, balanced with mums (and dads, and siblings) needs and wants. Its about a strong emotional bond based on trust, love and security.

Dr Sears says this week: “AP is not extreme.  It’s very natural and instinctual.  It’s the oldest parenting style in the world.”

No, its not extreme. It feels RIGHT.

Ya know what also feels right – is feeding my baby. We did BLW – baby led weaning – but I dont really like to call it that. To me, its introducing new foods when he is ready (after 6 months of age). And if he eats it from my mouth then he is trying something new, or getting it partly prepared – he loves it.

I was thrilled when Alicia Silverstone posted a video of her doing this very thing!!!!!!!!!! It helped me feel normal LOL!!! Thats why I do The Motherhood Project, and am open about PND, and the rest of it, because I want other mums to feel normal.

Alicia Silverstone feeding her baby by mouth

Because its time to throw all this society-driven rubbish and focus on our babies….

“To change the world, we must first change the way the babies are being born” – Michel Odent

Because we need to stop allowing the drabness, consumerism, busy-ness and clock-driven mania of modern-day society to tell us how to raise our children.

And because we need to stand up for our babies, and raise them with love, comfort, security, compassion, and ATTACHMENT. And that means using our boobs too.

I have a 16 month old baby. Every time I get frustrated with hourly feeding in the night, or the demands on me and my body, I simply watch the eyes of this beautiful baby roll back in his head with bliss, his face relax with drunkeness of breastmilk, and the comfort of sucking allowing him to settle, sleep, snooze or otherwise just snuggle into the warmth of my chest.
And it is all worth it, and I know I will keep going.

I love this post from minimalistmum on breastfeeding and sex:

“all of us mothers who breastfeed a child old enough to stand up and ask for it are just asking for it ourselves – asking for someone to say that we must have creepy weird fetishy sexual feelings we’re satisfying by letting our innocent child suck on our breasts”


“Must have been that 4-year-old testosterone surge that made him physically irresistible.  Maybe I looked at my ever-keen but underserviced husband and thought “Sorry, honey, I know you’ve been waiting your turn and you thought you were young enough for me.  But there’s new boy in town – and it’s your son!” And got down and dirty and kept on breastfeeding. Of course, the world average weaning age may or may not be 4 years old.  Or older.  Or younger.”

(You go, girl!!!!)

A mosaic of breastfeeding pictures by and from


I’m not sure why breasts, when used for the purpose nature intended – BREASTFEEDING – is OFFENSIVE…..


Yet breasts for advertising, tv, lingerie, bilboards etc is all acceptable in society!

Why do people feel they have the right to approach a mother feeding her hungry baby, and ask her to cover up….. yet noone approaches a woman or girl in the street and ask her to hitch up her low-cut top?

Why do people feel that woman should have to go to the toilets/rest room to feed their baby, and not do it in the cafe/park/waiting room…….. do these people eat THEIR lunch in the toilets??

facebook breastfeeding


And why does Facebook delete breastfeeding pictures, yet allow soft porn on their site?


WHY is it wrong to feed a baby into childhood?

WHY is it wrong to feed a child milk from another mother, yet so right to feed a baby chemicals, artifical products, and milk from other animals?

IT IS NOT!!!!!!!


It is NOT wrong to feed a baby beyond 6 months old!

It is not wrong to enjoy breastfeeding your baby!

It is not wrong to allow your baby to feed for comfort, and to feed as often as he wishes!

But it IS wrong for society to make our mothers feel bad, deprive our babies of their needs, judge others for their actions, and to speak rudely to mothers for doing their best.

Venting…. wondering……. pondering……… what are your thoughts?


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