I posted this on our Facebook page this week:10169411_759976907368011_4469896021948557724_n

I thought this image was fascinating!!! Our clever, clever bodies!!!! So much happening to grow our little babies. So dont forget to look at your post-partum body with respect!!!

Baby weight can be hard to carry, both during pregnancy (sore knees, ankles and back) and after, when you are keen to go back to how you looked before.

It is a little frustrating to not be able to fit clothes I want to months after baby is born, and the extra wobbles do get me down. There is a lot here to be said about self-esteem, and feeling good in myself.

Yes, I’m proud to be a mama and I’m also very reasonable about carrying a little extra weight, being busy, and a decent time frame in which to lose it. I’m just going to have to try a little harder with my sugar intake!!!

There is so much pressure in society to lose the weight after pregnancy quite quickly, and quite frankly, post-partum bodies are a bit of a mystery – we so pre-preg bodies, we see pregnant bodies, we see back-to-normal bodies. But we dont usually see those post-partum bodies!


Jade Beall – http://imgarcade.com/1/real-womens-bodies-after-pregnancy/

But some photographers are out to change this, and there are some neat projects out there photgraphing wobbly bits, scars and stretch marks of new mums!

Kate Middleton did an amazing thing when she stepped out with her one-day post birth belly and showed it to the world. Hallelujah!

6C8374136-tdy-130724-middleton-post-baby-bump.blocks_desktop_largeI almost feel like inserting that photo again 😛 Just because it is so gorgeous!

So post-partum you’re left with a belly, but it soon shrinks (eek to after pains – anyone else??? Hideous cramping while the uterus contracts back to its original size!). But you’re also left with… wobbles and little flabby bits –  after all, that was some significant growth and stretch for your skin!

Your hair can change a little, and I always lose clumps of it after pregnancy.  Your bladder has changed and let’s not forget the pelvic floor (everyone with me now, and in, hold… hold… hold… and out….)
Night sweats and peeing more (just because you werent up enough times with baby in the night!). Your vagina is bigger (hardly surprising! But let’s do those pelvic floor exercises again… and hold… hold… and out).

I personally hate the breast changes. Oh, I love when milk comes in and there are some mounds of amazing size – when I’m breastfeeding I absolutely adore my breasts!!! But after… did you know you can lose a cup size? Not to mention the shape and elasticity and whole look (dark areola!)… I absolutely despair at my darlings being sad and squished and floppy. Thank goodness for fabulous bras!

Your breasts can leak for weeks, months, even years after you finish breastfeeding. Your feet may be bigger as well (good excuse for a new shoe wardrobe!). And ultimately your whole body shape – hips, breasts, stomach, bum, thighs etc   has changed.

Body is ruined. Ruined (defined as disastrous effect, decay, devastation, mess) is absolutely not the word I would use! Because your body is not crumbling, irreparable, washed out and reduced to poverty. It is an amazing vessel of beauty that has grown and housed your new baby. Yep, your body has changed, but its still you. Aside from the fact that experts (i.e the WWW!) say exercise (and again, pull it up… hold… hold… hold… and out), healthy diet and so forth can help your body get back to ‘normal’ … you’ve been pregnant and it may not ever be the same again!! And you know what – thats fine! Its ok! Its wonderful… lets celebrate our amazing body!!!




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