The days of buying processed jars of baby food are OVER!

I like to make my own baby food, we’ve talked about this before! If I’m not taking the route of Baby Led Weaning and feeding my babe whatever we are having, then I like to puree up fresh fruit and veges (organic if possible) and then some freshly cooked chicken and beef.

Some days making baby food isn’t top priority. If you’re a working mum then I imagine it falls even lower down the priority list, and there are a million other reasons why you might not be standing over a steaming pot with your puree-stick-whizzee-thing ready!

Sooooo…. let me tell you all about LITTLE ANGELS PURE BABY FOOD!!!!angelfood

Gourmet baby food (without the gourmet price!) – just natural organic real food. Absolutely no fillers, chemicals or other crap!

AND… its FROZEN. Not processed and heat treated… but snap frozen. Fresh.

I’m sold.

I bought a selection of bags:
berries, pear & quinoa,
moroccan lamb
red lentil dahl
carrot parsnip & ginger
banana berry porridge

Little Angels comes in bags with gorgeous discs of food, so you can choose how many you would like to defrost for each meal.

The only thing I’m hesitant about is that the purees of fruit and vege are marketed for 4 month old babies and as I’ve said before, I really think its best to wait until 6 months before introducing baby to solids.

Otherwise, Im impressed by the pretty labels, the generous sized bags and portions, the list of ingredients, the puree/mash texture, the freshness, the ease of use.

The ingredients list is exactly what you would use – fruit, vegetables, grains, lentils, water – all organic, free range, NZ where possible.


I’ve tasted them myself and they are really nice, and of course what really matters is whether the babies like them!!!
So, from the reaction of baby – – the favourite here is the dahl!!!!!!!


You can mix and match (I add the lamb to the dahl, and mix the two sweet ones together).  You can pop them in a container for the nappy bag for easy on-the-go feeding. I leave mine in a bowl with a cover in the morning and they are ready at lunchtime!!!

So easy. So healthy.


And such pretty colours! (You can bet jarred food doesnt look like this!).

I also thought affordable. And I was super super impressed with the packaging which meant my frozens were still frozen when they arrived on the courier!!!

Little Angels are trying to get into supermarkets, so drop your friendly supermarket manager a message and ask them to stock this NZ brand (please!!). Otherwise, pop an email through to Little Angels ( and order your baby some pure unprocessed baby food 🙂


As usual, here is a disclaimer for this review! I wasn’t paid to say anything nice about this product –  its a product I discovered and tried and paid for myself – so you know I’m giving you the truth 😛


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