“Trusting our ourselves, listening to our babies, and celebrating the demands of motherhood”

Our aim is to normalise the demands of motherhood, to trust ourselves and our children, and to celebrate ourselves more!

The Motherhood Project was founded in 2006 and has evolved  to become a collaborative blog for Kiwi parents.

In 2015, we have rebranded! Welcome to our new blog! (You will find our old site and posts at motherhoodsupermum.wordpress.com).

The Motherhood Project is made up of a series of ventures to get mothers talking a little bit more honestly to each other, to make PND more acceptable to talk about, to accept that motherhood is hard work and sad and mundane as well as rewarding and fun, to make motherhood more natural, for us women to trust our bodies and our instincts.

The need to talk honestly about motherhood is strong, so women are empowered, united, and don’t feel so alone for feeling how they do. With ‘mummy wars’ raging and the media racing to pit parenting styles against another (think breast/formula!), its time to adopt a more supportive approach.

The writers at The Motherhood Project have united to create the collaborative and supportive environment we want to see more of! We parent differently, we have different beliefs and values, yet we are all great parents raising awesome families.

Motherhood is an amazing journey, but its not easy. At times you give up your freedom, independence, your body… all for this child! 

The Motherhood Project is about taking down the brave face we mothers seem so determined to put on. It’s about meeting the needs of our children (sometimes at the expense of our own needs) so we can raise healthy, secure children. It’s about looking after ourselves so we can be the best mother/partner/wife/daughter/sister/co-worker we can be.

Here at The Motherhood Project, we are pro-informed choice. Every parent has the right to make an INFORMED DECISION about how they will parent.

The Motherhood Project blog is based on real home life in New Zealand. Sometimes we will disagree with each other (the other collaborative writers) and sometimes our readers may disagree with us! Indeed, we look forward to some controversial topics that will start conversations: healthy debate is a great way to get informed and research different ideas!

I think that in today’s environment, we forget to trust ourselves. Women are equipped with an amazing sense of intuition, yet we forget to draw upon it. Trust yourself!!! And trust your child- they really are very smart!!


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