Kai Carrier are pouches that can be reused and filled with the healthy nutritious food or snacks of your choice. They are a convenient easy way of feeding you and your little ones snacks or meals, either on the go or at home. They have a sturdy zip-lock design and are made of durable BPA free plastic. Kai Carrier are perfect for parents who want to know exactly what their children are eating and who care about preserving the environment for future generations.


When I discovered Kai Carrier pouches, I nearly jumped for joy. Since baby food had been released in pouches a couple of years ago,  on-the-go feeding became convenient and easy – but not only were the pouches of food expensive, it wasn’t homemade. I was quite passionate about making my own baby food.IMG_3572

The pouches were reasonably easy to fill and to clean – a little fiddly for someone as lazy as I! – but certainly not hard or too time consuming. They froze well, and defrosted quickly from when I pulled them out at breakfast time, to be ready for lunch.

Purees and mashes were a breeze. It wasn’t long until we were passed the baby food stage and then I was experimenting with putting in smoothies and soups for baby, and the Kai Carrier pouches were great for homemade sauces (apple sauce, stock, tomato sauce, leftover wine for cooking etc) so I could store them in the freezer.

The Kai Carriers were filled with breastmilk when our new baby arrived. As the older kids moved from preschool to school, I started to look for new ideas and inspiration for lunches. I’d seen that Kai Carriers were expanding their range, and then I saw another product that filled me with joy – Snack Packs.

IMG_3569I have been making bliss balls and homemade muesli bars, and was struggling to find something to put them in. In the meantime, my other half was overhauling his own work lunchbox to be healthier – he also used plastic food wrap and plastic baggies to my dismay! So this new product looked like it might be the answer!

So Kai Carrier kindly sent me some samples to try. As soon as I opened them, I knew I had found what I was looking for – what a feeling! The snack packs were the perfect size for 3 or four bliss balls, even easier to clean (they clean well in the dishwasher 😛 haha!) and were versatile for other snacks too!

I loved them so much, I immediately ordered a pack of 20 more (at $22.50 for a pack of 20, they are quite economical! You can also purchase a 10-pack).


Once they had arrived, I spent an afternoon making 120 bliss balls, in several different flavours! I have been trying to perfect a recipe to share with you all! (I think I am nearly there!).

I filled those snack packs with a combination of each different flavour, putting 3 or 4 into each pouch. I sealed them and froze.

The reusable sandwich bag was the perfect size to store bulk lots of the remaining bliss balls for the freezer. I could store the balls by flavour and quickly see what they were.

Another use for the sandwich bag is to premake sandwiches. I have a friend who throws together cheese and marmite, ham and cheese, jam and cheese etc sandwiches, and then freezes them. On a busy weekday morning, she can pull them out, they defrost by lunchtime and taste soft and fresh!

IMG_3570Finally, I filled some more of the snack packs with a dried fruit and nut mix, and added those to the freezer too. I was very excited to show my partner – when he opens the kitchen freezer at 5am, he can quickly grab a snack pack of seeds/nuts, and another snack pack of bliss balls, and half of his lunch is ready to go!

When I am feeling rushed and am on the go all day, I stash a pack of each into my handbag, so I can snack healthily on the run. Seriously, these snack packs are the best purchase I have made this month!

*If you are pregnant, grab some Kai Carriers and use them to freeze breastmilk. There are 3 different sizes available.

*If you have a baby who is nearing 6 months, I would highly reccomend buying Kai Carrier pouches. Start making baby food and freeze it for when baby is ready (after they have ‘turned’ 6 months). 264681233

*Buy some of the new food pouch spoons too – these fit the 140ml pouches and will make feeding on the go EVEN EASIER! Simply unscrew lid, screw on spoon, and squeeze out food. I use these occasionally for my 18 month old when we’re having breakfast on the go – well worth the investment (A massive $7.50 for a pair *wink wink*).

*For toddlers, school children, and working parents, the snack packs are simply unbeatable. They are so versatile. You could decant out chips, rice crackers, bliss balls, fruit and nut mixes, popcorn, crackers . . . buy in bulk and then save!


*The sandwich bags are a great idea – it is so nice having the option of a reusable product. I can see they would be very loved by sandwich eating families! I’ve used mine for bliss balls (above) and freezing my green tomato chutney last week!

*A new product this summer is their ‘Kai’cicles’ – ice block pouches! Make your own healthy ice blocks for drip-free summer fun! I love the look of these!! Would be awesome for freezing yoghurt and smoothies into ice blocks too!

Kai Carriers are onto a winner, for sure! Check out the whole range at www.kaicarrier.co.nz





*The products in these photos were kindly sent to us by Kai Carrier NZ – the opinions are my own 🙂
xxx Ashlee



  1. Hi. I am super keen to see some more of your recipes. My boy is dairy free and gets the same old boring stuff in his lunch box. He is not keen on raw food unfortunately. Your rice rolls are a fantastic idea. Do you/the ministry of lunch boxes make lunches to buy??
    Great idea
    Elaine x


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