Every so often, a story of a courageous family and a beautiful child flits across the media in New Zealand – it is always a story that will bring tears to your eyes, make you want to kiss and hug your own babes a little tighter, and make you feel ever so grateful for what you have.

Today I am reading about Eva, a beautiful little girl who recently died aged 10 months, after struggling with a rare condition in her life.

You can read about her journey at  http://theoneinamillionbaby.com/

Eva’s mum Tessa is quoted in a Stuff article as saying:


“I think she taught me the importance of everyone, and valuing everyone for what they can bring to life.

“It might not be what you thought, but it’s still important.”


One of Tessa’s comments on the blog is: “Make Eva happy. She’s not going to be here long so let her stand when she wants to stand. It won’t be great for her hips, but she loves it. You’ll feel happy you let her stand and bounce and kick when she’s gone.”

And sometimes we just need to remember to chill out and love life, enjoy what we are doing, live in the moment. Life is so very short.


The One in a Million Baby: “What happens when you find those one in ten thousand odds apply to you.”


What a special mama and baby xxx


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