I want to live in a world where women empower each other.

We are all different, we all bring something different to the table.

We could in all honesty change the world for the better, simply by being each others cheerleaders.


I have been pondering this as a friend recently felt judged by another close friend.

I won’t go into details as it isn’t my story to tell. But I keep thinking of this and I wanted to delve into it more.


It made me so sad to see my friend feel judged. By someone who should have been her cheerleader.

It doesn’t matter if I would make the same choice, it doesn’t matter what I think at all.

I am her cheerleader. I know her dedication to her family, I see her talents, I want her to be her best.

I love her.

So my role as her friend is the cheer her on.

Right now she feels a little unsatisfied with things, she wants to do something for herself. Something that will long term help her family.

I want her to be satisfied, I want her to feel challenged and in love with her life. All parts of it.


This extends to all relationships. This should be how I/we approach all women.

Yes some women will compete with you, yes some will make choices that hurt you.

Sadly I know that won’t change over night.

But if we can demonstrate to our children, to our daughters a community of women that lift each other up. We can assist in future generations being more encouraging and supportive.


So rather than knocking down other women, rather than laughing at their failures, or treating them like they are competition.


But what if….

What if we smiled at the mum with the tired toddler, or crying baby and said “You are doing a great job”.

What if we dropped a meal around to a pregnant, unwell or new mum.

What if we shared baking with other mums we know.

What if we listened to each other. With the intent to listen, not answer.

What if we loved our friends children, big time. Because when people love on my kids it is the best way to say I love you to me.

What if we shared things we didn’t need anymore. Do a shout out on social media or just txt a friend asking if they need this item.

What if we formed a kind of club, where we talked about books, or recipes, or even had a bit of a co-op for ingredients etc.

What if we sent a txt or email that listed some things you love about a friend (or ten). How great would it feel to open that email.

What if we passed on clothes we no longer wear.

What if complimented each other, and not just for appearances (I love how you play with your children, I love how you always make me feel welcome).

What if you purchased a coffee for a lady in the line at the cafe behind you.

We supported other bloggers hard work by commenting, by sharing, by sending a kind email if they have helped or inspired you.

We purchased from small mummy owned companies when we need those products anyway.

We pair up with each other to build a big strong community of mums, bloggers, business owners etc. If we work as a team we can achieve so much.

What if we simply said I love you to our close friends.

What if we said thank you with meaning.

What if we said I appreciate your friendships, your support. You are a blessing to me.


Often we don’t say these things. We assume other know, Or we feel silly saying it.

But you know what. Hearing those things feels amazing.

Make someone feel amazing today.


I would love to hear about how you support or cheerleader other women.

I would love to hear your ideas.

I myself plan to make more effort to go out of my way to say “I support you” to other women.





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