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In 2006 I started my first online business just months after having my first baby. There was without a doubt, a need for more supportive advice for new mums. Over the last 9 years, thousands of new parenting websites have begun, and the internet is more flooded than ever for information. Parents across the globe have found comfort in online forums and chat rooms that they couldnt garner from baby groups, friends, family or communities.


A couple of years later, I founded The Motherhood Project. Ultimately, I wanted to talk about postnatal depression and remove the stigma associated with mental illness.

I wanted to normalise us mothers talking a bit more honestly to each other, to make PND more acceptable to talk about. I thought we needed to accept and celebrate that motherhood is hard work and sad and mundane as well as rewarding. It was time to go back to making motherhood more natural, for us women to trust our bodies and our instincts more.

I felt that as parents, everything had become so damn hard. We no longer had faith in ourselves. We questioned our every decision, we felt guilty every day. We no longer listened to our children, and I really felt we trusted marketing/big companies far more than we should have.

The Motherhood Project has grown over the years, we raised a few dollars for a couple of charities as we self-published a couple of books (We have put these on Amazon as digital copies).

Our articles tend to be a little different, thought-provoking.. We embrace natural living and real food.

In 2014, I was thrilled to announce that The Motherhood Project had evolved into a special collaborate blog. I feel incredibly blessed that a number of other NZ mum/writers have agreed to contribute to The Motherhood Project and I am looking forward to getting to know them better and reading their contributions each month.


Too often in our virtual worlds there is a lot of attacking/arguing/fighting happening between mothers. Not a day goes by where I don’t see some sort of ‘Mummy War’ happening on a page. It can start innocently, a genuine question or ask for help that escalates into a raging debate, where the anonymity of a screen means people don’t hesitate to attack, name call, and use cruel words.

I don’t believe that just because we choose to parent differently, we can’t all be nice. We are all different and that is what makes our world a wonderful place. We want to celebrate and embrace our children being different, yet grown adults are modelling the contrary.

Let us turn that around. Let us be parents that can acknowledge differences, be respectful, play nice.

And that is why The Motherhood Project is now a collaborative blog, so we can see several mama’s insights on the world, the way they parent and live, and know that we are all great women, good mama’s and contributors to society……. regardless of whether we work or not, vaccinate or not, eat organic or not…. 🙂

Isn’t that exciting?!?!

So with our new direction, we launch a new website.. and with that, comes our gorgeous new logo. Our Facebook page grows and grows, we run our sister page ‘Ministry of Lunchboxes‘, and we support small New Zealand businesses and make a difference to their families too.



Thank you for a being a part of our journey! I very much hope you enjoy our articles, and choose to ‘sign up’ to receive new posts from our awesome team of writers here at The Motherhood Project, New Zealand!




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