We recently had the pleasure of trying Little Grippers socks! I was utterly intrigued by the ‘socks with stay on technology’ and as a busy mum I knew the inconvenience of losing socks!

The socks arrived and they are super soft! They’re a cotton/polyamide blend with elastane, and they seem to get softer with each wash!

little grippers review

Onto my baby they went… they survived crawling, walking, pulling and sucking! The little silicon band at the top is soft on chubby legs and kept the sock on the foot!

We were also sent a pair of school socks. My daughter was extremely excited by the knee-highs – that STAYED UP all day! I can imagine how annoying pulling your socks up all day can be, so kids will be huge fans of these!

This brand was set up by parents who were sick of losing socks (I know how they feel!) and they created sports socks, school socks, and the baby and toddler socks.

I have to admit to being a little dubious as to how the Little Grippers would cope with washing, but they’ve been washed and dried numerous times with absolutely no break down of the silicone at all.

The silicone is natural and hypoallergenic, and I noticed no marks on skin, even on our sensitive-skinned baby. They weren’t tight either, the silicone grips without applying any pressure (on other socks I notice his legs can have a red ring from the top of the sock).


From $9 a pair, I think they’d be worth stocking up on instead of constantly losing cheap socks! They come in many colours to suit babies and school uniforms, and can be found at Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Yay for warm toes!

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Disclaimer: This review is our own opinion. We were sent two pairs of Little Grippers socks to use for this review.


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