When asked to put my thought about vaccinations into words I was intimidated.

Such a hot topic and one that can cause friction.


But I loved Shayne’s post and I sighed with relief that it was a post in tune with my own thoughts. Which often isn’t the case.


My children are all a bit older (12,10,7) so we are well down the path of vaccines.


When I first became a mother I was young. I was naive and I didn’t know what I was doing (do we ever?).

I learnt as I went, I read parenting magazine (I didn’t have the internet til a few year later so didn’t know about blogs etc).

I read leaflets in the doctors office and chose to do what seemed to be the norm and vaccinate.

I didn’t really think much of it. I hate to admit that now. But I didn’t.

It seemed like the right choice.


All these years later, would I do anything different?


I would read more. I would research.

I might pick and choose vaccines.

But I would still vaccinate.

I do believe its its the right choice for my family.


My middle child was rather unlucky and caught whooping cough (aka pertussis) when she was a new born (about 4 weeks old).

It was rough, it was scary. My GP then was a bit hopeless (thankfully we found the perfect GP for us soon after this). I kept taking her in and he kept telling me it was nothing.

I spent months grabbing her up in the night as she struggled to breathe. Watching her go blue around the mouth until she caught her breath. She was small and didn’t make big gains in this time.

She was so little and it was awful watching her struggle. She barely left my sight for months. She even sat in a bouncer or car seat in the bathroom when I showered I was so nervous to leave her alone. We got a monitor half way through from the hospital (when  pushed to be seen) and that eased my anxiety a little. I learnt how to best cope and help her when she whooped, but others were scared and I couldn’t leave her with people at that time.

I would never want to go through that again.

I know vaccines are not for everyone. Some people have very strong feelings about pro and con vaccine.

I respect that. I respect your choice to choose. I love that we have this choice.

I don’t have really strong feelings either way. But I choose to vaccinate.

I choose to reduce my children’s risks to these illnesses.

I know there are many arguments why they are bad. I have read articles.

But I still chooe to vaccinate.

I respect your choice. I expect people to respect mine.



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