Being a mother brings out different things in different people.

Some people ooze love and adoration for motherhood.
Other are more reserved. Others serious.
And sometimes it feels like a chore.

I know I have been in seasons of motherhood that felt very chore like.

I don’t want motherhood to be a chore for me. Of course life isn’t perfect. Sometimes when I go about my day I see the negative. But more and more I see the silver linings in life, I find joy in the little things.

I notice things I never would if I was in a negative mind space.

I find joy making the eggs just the way each child loves them.
I find joy knowing I have books in the library basket each child will like.
I find joy in reading just one more chapter or book.
I find joy knowing I made someones favourite biscuits.
I find joy knowing I got the soap my oldest loves the scent of.
I find joy knowing I have done little things that make each person in my home feel blessed.
I find joy in the way the light streams through a window in the late afternoon.
I find joy i the sound of the rain hitting the roof.
I find joy in doing things kind for a friend.

OK this list could keep growing.


In so much of my day.

All because I go about my day intentionally, and with the aim of finding the good in moments.
Now don’t for one minute think I am spouting about perfection here.

I grumble, I yell more than i should.

I groan when someone breaks something. AGAIN.

I am not perfection.

But, the joy wins.

My hope is that joy wins for you too.
If right now you are in a place where you feel worn out, tired or just a little less than joy filled. Do something nice for yourself right now, even if its just a cup of tea. Then sit back and find some joy in your day. I know its hidden there.



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