The world was abuzz with the arrival of HRH Princess Charlotte this week, and with it come a flood of scrutiny on her famous mother.

When she walked onto the steps post-birth, the Duchess looked amazing. She had a radiant smile, framed by her beautiful locks, she was wearing heels, and she comfortably held her newborn baby with confidence.

After a couple of moments, she went back inside with her baby and husband, returning a few minutes later to get straight into their car to go home. 12 hours after being admitted, Kate had given birth and been discharged.

So why was everyone aflutter with criticism in the hours following? Because how could anyone POSSIBLY look so good after giving birth? I laughed when I read a headline that proclaimed the whole birth was fake because Kate actually looked so good!

The truth of it all is that Kate is a wonderful role model for women. She laboured mostly at home, where she was most comfortable, before her transfer to hospital. A normal vaginal delivery, attended by midwives, and then home to rest and recover. Thousands of women do this all the time. Birth is usually healthy, normal, empowering.

Many a new mum could replicate Kate’s radiant proud smile. What isn’t normal for most of us, is the hairdresser who arrives to whip those gorgeous locks into place… a make up bag packed ready to go…. and that horrible duty to present herself to the public.

Many of us feel sorry for the Duchess. The last thing you want to do is stand in front of hundreds of cameras, knowing you’re being judged and your post-birth photo is going to be plastered on every newspaper worldwide. I am sure she would far rather have snuck out the back door in her trackies to crawl into her own bed!

She didn’t hide the new jelly belly, it was visible under her white and yellow dress. No make up could hide the tired dark eyes. Her feet looked swollen in her nude heels. And this is why Kate is so endearing and modern – she is keeping it real despite the pomp. Let’s remember not to swallow the media-fuelled criticism that is fed to us, and know that since we don’t have a personal stylist, our post-baby photos aren’t quite newspaper worthy. I for one am grateful for that – give me the privacy of my own birth and pomp than royalty any day!


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