I read a blog the other day that talked about how as Mum’s we tend to share the good moments of our days with our friends and family on facebook and it made me think about the last month since Eric’s arrival and what I share… so tonight instead of just the highlight of my day I’ll share the truth of the average day in our household with 2 under 2’s with reflux.

(You can see the video that goes with this:  https://www.facebook.com/shaynejansson/videos/10153240068639337/)

Meet Eric. This is what reflux does to my poor unfortunate babies. They scream. In agony. A lot. The best way to comfort them is for them to feed. But this in all actuallity only makes things worse and starts the whole cycle over again. Its vicious. Think of the worst heartburn you’ve ever had, that burning sensation from your guts to your throat. Thats what my poor babies are feeling when they scream and arch their backs in pain.

Today our day started at 3am and from then until around 11am he only slepr for maybe an hour. He screams like in this video sometimes for several hours at a time. I’m lucky that during the weekend my amazing husband Gary Hansen catches up on the housework and the washing that more often than not i dont get around to doing because my day consists of feeding, soothing, and trying to get my poor boy to sleep and repeat. All while keeping Connor entertained, fed, giving him a nap.

It’s hard work. We are both pretty exhausted 99% of the time at the moment. But neither of us would change it for the world. Well we would change the fact that our boys have reflux in a heartbeat but we can’t.

But included in the honest version of our day was a smile from our beautiful boy, even through the pain, he smiled! And then there’s Connor. He drives us both a bit crazy with his bad sleep. But he is the most adoring, loving, affectionate big brother. He’s an absolute star and has coped so well adjusting to such huge changes in his life. And will often keep himself entertained while i’m walking around jigging, swaying, shushing and soothing Eric.

Another highlight (and these are the parts of the day that get any mum or dad through), is the bear hugs and sloppy kisses, the laughter at the amazing things my curly top does. Theres the heartfelt, thoughtful mothers day present that i will cherish forever and so many more little things.

So here’s a challenge for my friends and family instead of just sharing the highlights of your day, share the low bits as well so that as your friends we can all support you. xxx




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