I know that things here at The Motherhood Project have been pretty quiet!

Between our collaborative team, we’ve sold businesses, had sick kids, moved house, had new babies, been sick ourselves, suffered loss, death, sickness and stress in our families and close friends.

In other words… life…

Sometimes it feels like all the pieces have fallen apart, and then we have to pick ourselves up and put the puzzle back together.

When this happens, the rest of life still goes on – school pick ups, dinners to be cooked, lunches to be packed, work to go to, washing to be done….

And it can feel so very very hard.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed and your pieces are scattered around you, here are some of our top tips to help put it all back together again:

*Take a deep breath. Well, actually take a few. Slow your breathing down, calm yourself.

*Prioritise. Put the biggest pieces back together first. If there is food in the house and meals can be made, life can go on! Clean clothes are another priority. Cobwebs are absolutely not!

*Seek help. Ask friends or family to help you get back on your feet. Or, ask if they can help by looking after the kids so you can catch up on jobs that need doing.

*Absolutely look after yourself. Eat very well, take half an hour each day to walk outside (vit d, sunshine, fresh air, exercise – its all powerfully going to recharge your batteries and give you the strength to keep going. Sleep!

*Make a plan. Do it for the day or for the week. Avoid a rigid one where there is no room for fallout, instead opt for a loose plan to help keep you on track. Mine looks like: a load of washing, lunchboxes, ONE job for the day, go for a walk, pick up kids, make dinner, early night. On a good day, I could do 6 jobs. But on a bad day, I’m struggling to do one. So anything else is a bonus and I don’t end up beating myself up!

*Make it fun. When the going gets tough – its important to get out there and make some fun and special moments to remind you why you’re surviving!!! Take the kids somewhere easy but enjoyable, catch up with some friends, or organise a date night.


Sometimes it can take three times as long to pick up the pieces as it did for it all to fall apart! Have faith, you’ll get there!


PS – to our awesome collaborators – keep your heads up!!! We’re gonna survive this!!!




The Motherhood Project



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