After more than 10 years of running TMP,  it is over!

the motherhood project


TMP was started after my first baby was born, just like hundreds of other small home businesses in New Zealand! At the time, some of today’s current big online baby businesses were just starting and I consider it such a privilege to have worked with these wonderful women and see their babies and businesses grow!

I dabbled in some retail, published some books on a small scale, updated blogs, and ran the supporting Facebook page. I know that I stirred some wonderfully controversial debates that helped shape and reform views and opinions by opening conversation and challenging judgement.

More than 10 years of supporting mums by email and on the phone, crying babies in the background. More than 10 years of my own journey, growing my family and battling the demons of PND.

The Motherhood Project name will carry on in Gemma Douglas’ new business, The Motherhood Project NZ ( and her online community group on Facebook.

And here I’ve changed to to focus on my writing and freelancing work, and said a fond and grateful farewell to our collaborative writers.

I love fresh starts and new adventures, thank you for being here with me!




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