So things haven’t been so splendid with my health which is the biggest reason why this blog is so darn sketchy with irregular posts!

Once upon a time I would have turned myself in knots keeping up… I remember late late nights working on website crashes, updating posts, catching up on emails.

There are people out there saying, if you want to be successful, you need to work hard.

There are also different people saying, if you don’t have your health, you have nothing… and it took an embarrassingly long time for me to figure out the links in all of this!!!

But thankfully I did, eventually, and I became better at prioritising, at saying no, and at letting some things slide. My writing was the first, every time, and I was okay with that when I realised that the world would keep on spinning even if I didn’t do all the things.

Anyway, I am getting to the point. I think.

I have ended up at a point where I need to start healing. The medical profession has done what it can, now I need to prioritise natural. Which brings me to this:

Isn’t it pretty!?

Honestly I just buzz every time nature gives me a rainbow.

So this is a fabulous concoction of apples, beetroot, cucumber, kale, spinach, lemons, parsley, ginger, turmeric, carrots, tangelos, cashews …. I can’t exactly remember but it was loads of goodness. I’ve done this before, and I always feel great until sugar and wheat tempt me into their sexy and dark caverns.

But although food is thy medicine, medicine is still needed when you’ve got years of ill health to fix. Not medication in the pharmacy sense, but ooodles of supplements to help rebalance me, cos I’m the first to say I’m unstable 😉

And those supplements cost a bomb, a pretty penny, and my 7th born child’s lock of golden hair.

This is frustrating. I’m already pissed because I’ve wasted away so many precious days stuck in bloody bed. now I’m wasting away even more having to spend hundreds of dollars on supplements.

And every single day I’m frustrated because I have the privilege and luxury of being able to rearrange the budget to fit in another bottle here or there, or I can scrimp a bit from this and that to pull together the amount I need to see a natural specialist. And many many many don’t, and that’s not fair.

Every time I grocery shop, I ponder, is it really expensive to eat healthy or is that a myth.

sometimes I come up trumps. I can pick up a giant banana box of fresh produce for $40. With good specials and a couple mark downs, I can save that much again on our weekly meat tally.

It’s a myth, I think as I watch Lou load up her groceries with less healthy options and may more than I.

And then other times I come home after spending $300 and I look at my four small bags of groceries and I feel defeated. Defeated. because despite my careful meal planning, budgeting, label reading and home made cooking, I just can’t consistent produce healthy yummy meals without blowing the credit card to smithereens.

And we all know it doesn’t stop there. Who else put off a dentist visit this year? Who else didn’t go to the doctor this winter and rode it at home with far too much paracetamol? who else opted not to buy the B vitamins they know help and instead get the kids their probiotics?

Why is health so expensive?

At least my juices are pretty this week… and the kids love mince in 7 different ways, so it’s a win win 😉


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