iamevaWhen I spent a week sussing out period underwear, all I could think was how lucky my daughter, all our daughters are, to have all these amazing options.

Because my conclusion at the end of experimentation was astoundingly positive … period underwear really will change every month.

First of all, what on earth am I talking about?
If you haven’t yet come across them, period underwear is literally undies with menstrual protection in them… they’re designed to be used instead of a cup, pad or tampon, or on heavy days, as a back up.

Here’s the thing… my initial thoughts were …. bulk? Smell? How much do they hold? Annnddd the biggest one for me, what about when you pee and then have to pull these wet undies back on … ick … do they feel wet? In the back of my mind, cost was a factor too.

So, I got hold of Keela from Enhanced Health, the same wonderful woman who helped me into cloth pads and then a menstrual cup… she really knows her stuff. She answered all my questions and I decided I had to bite the bullet… my period had just been and I was over it… the cup seemed to fit only some days, pads were bulky and I just felt all gross about menstruation. I was also thinking of my daughter and options for her.

Enhanced Health has Laybuy 🙂 so cost sorted!

They arrived… and they look just like the trusty black underwear I’ve lived in the past 5 years 😉 apart from a slightly thicker gusset and a very minimal rustle.

So I got them prewashed and dried, and folded them ready for testing, pondering how weird it was to actually be almost excited about having another period!!

Well, as it does, that event rolled on in and I pulled out a pair of ModiBodi.

I woke up on white sheets – no leaks. Nothing uncomfortable. I was ready to tackle the day with a new pair.

So I ended up with three different brands:20190411_1244392008536615.jpg
I am Eva

I went through my period trying all three brands and taking note of the sizing, comfort level, testing potential leaks, possibly assessing the look in the mirror 😉

modibodiOn my heaviest day, both the I am Eva and the Modibodi  (both at light/moderate level) went a full 6 hours before starting to leak. I think that’s pretty impressive, because it means that with a moderate-heavy pair, you’ve got all day sorted – no changing tampon, emptying cup, needing a couple pad changes. And by leak, I mean it was just starting to come through, my outer clothes were fine. The undies have good frontal coverage and go all the way up the back for great back coverage.

On the lighter days, I went all day on a pair. I used one pair overnight.

Only once did I  pee and then pull up the underwear to find they felt wet. Every other time I didnt notice feeling yuck and wet.

I washed every day and I think the minimum you would need would be four pairs (two light-mod and two mod-heavy). If you used a cup then a light-mod pair would offer fabulous back up protection.

I now have 8 pairs so I will only need to wash once mid-period and then do them after my period has finished. This way its easier to collect them all in a lingerie bag and wash on delicate. They do take a little longer to dry, on a sunny day its no problem but we had a colder dreary day and I couldnt dry the heavy pair in time to wear that night.

Period underwear is also fantastic for light bladder leakage, post sex leaks, dischargy days…. every day, really!

What about the bulk? The bulkiest pair is Modibodi Heavy, once washed up, it feels like the bulk of a light cloth pad. You’ve got to have your ears right up to these undies to be able to hear any rustling after they’ve been washed! The light pairs only feel like they have one extra layer so there is such minimal bulk in these. I wore under leggings and did the bend-over test and they didnt show any more than a usual pair of underwear.

The sizing does vary between the brands and I think this is important cos noone likes uncomfy undies. So one on top of the other  20190411_1245251911435586– The ecobird are the roomiest. I think they are the comfiest in this regard because I am between sizes. The I am Eva are true to size and a smidgen smaller than ecobird. Finally, the ModiBodi is smaller fitting and if you dont like tight underwear then I reccomend sizing up. I got two sizes and much prefer the bigger size.

The cost per pair:

ecobird are the cheapest – at $19.99 a pair, they’re fabulous value – they really work. Only available in low-med – they’ll last all day on a light day. Get from Enhanced Health.

I am Eva are about $42 per pair. Get from their website, only available in moderate – 2 tampons worth.

ModiBodi are available from Enhanced Health or direct from their website in Australia. They vary in price from $35 to $40ish and come in light-mod, moderate to heavy, and overnight. (they actually have a mammoth range including g-strings, swimwear, activewear etc)

In terms of washing, they all softened up. I think the trim on I Am Eva is the only downside of their pairs, and they snag a little. Its nylon-like and looks pretty but laundering it did make it bend a little. The ecobird lace has pilled a little, as its almost the price of the other brands, it’s fine. The modibodi washed up the best. It is recommended to cold wash in a delicates bag and line dry. They all came out clean in a normal wash routine.

Anyway, my conclusion is that these underwear are life changing. All day you feel amazing, there is no uncomfortable bulk between your legs. When you get used to free bleedin (twice this felt a bit strange on that first day!), you really can forget that you are menstruating!!! Not having to change a pad or wash the cup or sneak a tampon into the loo is liberating!

I highly highly recomend period undies. I have now bought another 4 pairs so I have a complete set and I’m thrilled that my daughter will not have to dread her menses as a teen like I used to!!!



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