Right, we’re continuing our leggings reviews… last week was Part 1… and next week we will finish with Part 3 πŸ™‚


Lotus Leggings

Lotus is one of those companies that constantly pops up in my Facebook feed, a stream of ads even before I was looking for tights!


I’m a long time Lotus Leggings wearer, and these ballet inspired crops are my favourite. If you’re hitting a work-out class, these tights will offer you something ‘wow’ while giving you free movement. In terms of sizing, I just reordered in a size L – my XL’s had become too big (yay!). They wash really really well, although the logo has rubbed off (which in my opinion is a good thing!).

Ive also got Lotus Leggings prints and they are a thicker fabric, making them an ideal winter legging for busy days – school run, gym class, grocery shopping – they have lots of fun prints – good luck choosing just one!

Conclusion: Lotus Leggings is American based but run frequent sales. I picked up two pairs for under $80 with free shipping and the conversion rate. They took a couple weeks to arrive. They are really durable and thick so pass the bend over test πŸ˜‰ and I think they are great value.



Ah, to try the leggings from cult-following activewear brand Lululemon. Is it a Lulu Lemon, like the fruit, or lululee-mon, like a French kiss?

Founded by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada in 1998, lululemon is a yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company for women and men.

Offering afterpay and free shipping to off set the $125 – $159 leggings, Lululemon tights slip on nicely and feel nice allllll day long. If you’re a gal whose thighs love each other a little TOOOOO much (like mine!) then Lululemon will create a beautiful temporary separation that feels like a holiday and not a divorce (Sorry. I think I need a break πŸ˜‰ haha!) Lululemon were my favourite work-out leggings and NOW I can see why women are paying big bucks for simple tights!

Lots of pretty colours and patterns are available on their website. Good luck trying to get some second hand, these things go like hotcakes.

Conclusion: If you are a serious work-out gal, get some. Lululemon belong on your legs. For the rest of us that avoid the gym, they’e a pricey legging. If you have the dosh, sink it. If you don’t you’ll find something else πŸ™‚





Available from www.morfa.nz, leggings start from $99, with a 10% discount on your first order and Laybuy available (Laybuy is one of my favourite things πŸ˜‰ !!!)

I bought a navy pair and the customer service was great (handwritten notes always make me feel special!). They peel on beautifully, are a delight to wear, wash well. They pass the bend over test and feel just as nice while studying as on my long walk.

Conclusion: Yes, Morfa are worth the money. These are a tight that will take you everywhere and look fantastic. I love that they are subtle, and the navy is a really lovely colour, it looks fantastic with PQ tops, which are also one of my new favourite things!!


Nike Dri Fit Leggings

I picked up a pair for a song from TradeMe (might have been one of those nights I’d been crying because I’d missed out on some Aimn AGAIN!). You can also buy from Rebel, wait til they are 30% off and they come down to $55 (here’s some Nike at Rebel).

They’re a nice basic legging at a good price point, nothing that stands out, but nothing wrong either.

Conclusion: They wash up well and stand up to lots of wear. That’s always a good thing!



Part 3 next week….


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