And in the final part of reviewing leggings here in NZ….. stand by for my conclusion!!


PQ Seamless Leggings

If you’re a legging gal like me, you’ll know how essential they are to LIFE. So these PQ ones have their place in your wardrobe, ready to take winter-ready any dress or skirt!

At $35 they’re at a fab price point (I got mine from Jean and Pete). When they arrived, I was instantly transported back 10 years (amazing teleporters, these nylon pants)… to a time when Pumpkin Patch ruled the roost and I was on my second pregnancy, and starting to learn the value of maternity wear. Anyway, Pumpkin Patch had these incredible maternity leggings, and back then maternity wear and leggings had been dodgy, so this was life changing. When they went on sale, I bought about 10 pairs which lasted me for years, long after the baby bump disappeared, because they were soooo comfortable. They looked amazing under dresses, they were thick and warm. When I sadly threw the last pair away, and Pumpkin Patch was then only a memory, life was never the same again… until an Autumn day that Jean and Pete had brightened up with a parcel. These PQ leggings are ridiculously similar – without the bump part of course!

Downside: they’re not for exercising in, and will eventually bubble and split allowing those thighs to reconcile and throw the divorce papers away. Also probably wont pass any squat test, like I say, they’re for LAYERING. I also found these noisy when under a very light dress (yay for thigh rub). But for dressing up, these have got you covered.

Conclusion: Leggings girls – get some. They’ll last significantly longer than anything from Kmart and will winter-proof all of your outfits. Comfort level on the tummy is second-to-none, no digging in!


Rebel Wilson


I love Rebel. I think she’s Pitch Perfect, and her success is plus-sized inspiration. So I was excited to try her clothing range, although my weight loss puts me just on the edge of her sizing.

Starting at size 14, these leggings retail for a very cool $139 (ouch) BUT I might allow these to be the exception and say they almost qualify as pants. They’re designed to be dressy to show off.

These leggings hold it all in, have beautiful length, and the detail is fabulous. The only part I didn’t like is the leather-look panels are a little more delicate than the rest of the pant.

Conclusion: I’m not keeping these ones because sadly I’m not quite in the range of Rebel’s sizing. However I think these are a gorgeous legging for attracting attention to the right places of the leg. Shineon offers Laybuy and Afterpay.


That’s 9 brands of leggings! I would love to review Aim’n too, but they don’t fit my budget right now and anything on TradeMe is still selling for huge amounts (this makes me think they are amazing).

Of course, every brand has so many options and its possible that the sizing, fabric, fit of different pairs might differ in the same brand (like Kmart. Frustrating). Most companies are pretty good about exchanging for sizes though, unless you’re being budget savvy and getting on clearance or second-hand of course!



Ezibuy Essentials Stretch Leggings

Essentials Crop Stretch Leggings

At $20 a pair, these leggings are priced okay but given that Ezibuy is constantly on sale, you can pick them up easily for $16. And of course, the joy of Ezibuy is you can send them back if they dont fit!!

These are a thin cotton/elastic blend and I bought the navy blue. I love the colour. I am loving the fit and comfort. The bubble a bit around the thigh, nothing major, and they wash well. I agree that they are an ‘essential’ – grab a couple of pairs.






I also tried:

Boohoo pack of two – these are so soft and comfy but they are ultra thin and haven’t lasted more than a couple of months. Yep, they’re cheap, but if you are trying not to indulge in a disposable society, invest in something more decent.



I finally got some Aimn! Grey Stripe Tights

This is what their website says:


– Full length

– Unique stretch and recovery features

– Soft second skin feel

– Moisture wicking properties

– Wide elastic band for extra support

– Plain colour with white details

– Triangle gusset

– Large branding down the side

FABRIC: 73% Polyester / 27% Spandex

And what do I think? OMG these are really a second skin. In fact, they stick so well, you can see the bumps in my leg 😉 (is this a good thing?). They recommend putting on like pantyhose, carefully rolling into them. They are super soft. I love the grey and white. They don’t sit quite as tight on my hips as other brands, but they are comfy to wear. I would recommend to gym and exercise lovers.


And as an extra:

Betty Basics Tokyo Pants are amazing. They’re not leggings but for casual, they win. I have tried harem pants and drop crotch pants, and they look ridiculous on me. I tried these and I love them. 100% viscose, super soft, can be worn higher or lower on the leg, a flattering casual cut. Elastic waist, a perfect casual day staple. Get them from ShineOn, you wont be disappointed (and at $32.90 and laybuy, you might want two pairs).






In conclusion:


Yes. Spending $125 on a pair of leggings will get your something that fits very well, doesnt need hitching up, is durable and wont bobble around the thighs, and is totally squat proof. In other words, they’re worth the money.

Yes, there are cheaper options for dressing up leggings (or daily play leggings) if you don’t hit the gym.

My fav’s are:

Exercising: Morfa will take you from gym to school pick up. I salute these. Lululemon is my second choice.

Mum life: Leggings are great for every day. I think Black Milk are my fav, although the pretty Lorna Jane’s are close.

Going Out: Those Black Milk Matte are still my besties.


Hope that helps my fellow legging lovers!!! *Mwuah!!!*

*Remember I bought and paid for these leggings myself, these opinions are my own 🙂




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