You might have already read that I decided to do a mega challenge and ordered HelloFresh, My Food Bag, and Bargain Box, all in the same week, so that I could do some accurate comparisons. That’s a LOT of food… we paid for it ourselves, this is not a sponsored post. I did use discount codes, though, and I’ve got some for you too, if you want to try.

Bargain Box is My Food Bag’s cheaper cousin. In streamlining, the service doesn’t allow you any flexibility in ordering nor can you see at ordering time what is on the menu. Another cost-cutter is meals that are based on breads and pastas. The meals are based on one chicken, one beef, and a vegetarian or fish, plus two others if you opt for a 5 night. It is almost half the cost of many My Food Bags, starting from $5.60 per plate. And unlike My Food Bag, Bargain Box is designed to fill more mouths so you can get boxes for six people.

The box turned up well wrapped, with fresh produce, meats and pantry staples. I’m having trouble uploading my photos today, so these are also My Food Bag pics but you get the idea. It’s all nice stuff.


My Food Bag delivers their recipe cards in a nice paper bag, Bargain Box is shrink wrapped (yay, plastic!).

If you are super busy and need to take the stress of by outsourcing some menu planning and shopping, or you want to get more confident in the kitchen, then Bargain Box could work well for you.

If you’re a a bit of a foodie or have dietary requirements, then My Food Bag is not for you.

To be honest I was underwhelmed. The flavours were nice but you’re paying quite a premium for the service, and I thought the Bargain Box meals were really basic, bordering on boring. These are the meals I fall back on when I haven’t been to the supermarket for a bit or I can’t be bothered cooking. Plus, we have dietary¬† restrictions so I had to go out of my way to get additional ingredients. I am a foodie though, so My Food Bag is my preference.

In terms of feeding many mouths though, yes Bargain Box is probably your answer. You don’t have to add extra ingredients to easily feed 6, even 7 if you have smaller mouths.

Here is my code so you can get $40 off your first box – give it a try and let me know what you think!

If you’d prefer to try My Food Bag and HelloFresh, check out my articles because I have discount codes on them too!



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