I read a thread today about how people thought that organic is simply greenwashing, with no value in it at all.

Well, if you’re going to take a synthetic food and label it organic, it’s still a crappy food. The organic label doesn’t make it healthy.

But in terms of the health of our soil, our environment, the nutrient density of our produce etc, well – it simply makes sense that organic is better. After all, so many of the chemicals now used in our world are so relatively new that we haven’t even tested them in a full life cycle yet, nor have many been tested in combination with all of the others we are in contact with.

“An organic diet rapidly and dramatically reduced exposure to pesticides in just six days.

This is the finding of a recent peer-reviewed study comparing pesticide levels in the bodies of four American families for six days on a non-organic diet and six days on a completely organic diet.”

“We Should Not Have to “Shop Our Way Out” of Exposures to Toxic Pesticides

Elected officials must protect the health of people and the planet and stand up to corporate influence. And the food industry has a responsibility to consumers, the environment and society at large.

We all have the right to food that is free of toxic pesticides. The farmers and farmworkers who grow our nation’s food, and their communities, have a right to not be exposed day in and day out to chemicals linked to cancer, asthma, reproductive and developmental harm and other serious health problems. And the way we grow food should Everyone has the right to clean organic food. That is a human right.” Tara, study participant, Baltimore protect rather than harm the ecosystems that sustain all life.”

It can be an expensive change though. It helps to grow as much as you can (Or swap with neighbours and friends). Eat seasonally and shop at your local produce outlet, because they will know the sources of their food. Know the dirty dozen and clean dozen so you can prioritise your spending.

Also, I learnt, you have to be sensible. I turned myself inside out when we first moved to organic natural eating. Now I adopt a more 80/20 or 70/30 approach, where we just do our best where we can, and I’m not so stressed about it.

When studies show that every placenta tested has pesticide traces, I think we do need to ask ourselves, are the 2000 chemicals we have invented this year alone, worth it?



Affordable Organic for All: Results Show How an Organic Diet Reduces Pesticides in Our Bodies


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