In some ways, health coaches are like therapists: They want to help you change your mindset and behavior—and by extension, improve your life. However, they likely won’t ask you to explore your feelings, and it’s not the coaches’ role to make a diagnosis or prescribe medication”

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I’m here to listen.

I help you discover your WHY, I ask you questions to explore your behaviours, and encourage you to follow the changes you want to make. 

You’re the expert on your own life, so I empower you to take control of your health, mind, wellness and circumstances. 

I become your motivation on harder days, and celebrate your successes – I’m your personal cheerleader!

I provide support and accountability, and use my knowledge of health and wellness to guide you through your personal health concerns.

I draw upon my own experience to coach with empathy, kindness, love and unwavering belief in you!


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