About Me

Kia ora! 

Ko Ngati Awa, ko Te Arawa, ko Tuwharetoa te iwi – I live in beautiful Aotearoa.

I am an experienced and qualified writer and a PreKure certified health coach.

I have been a writer since I picked up a pen, and have written thousands of articles, blog posts, short stories, poems and several unpublished novels. My work experience is in non-fiction pieces although my passion lies in crafting fiction (one pays and one doesn’t – yet!). 

I’m also a health coach – a mentor and supporter for women who are ready to prioritise their wellness and take control of their health and their goals.

Motherhood has consumed me for over 14 years, a bustle of chaos, noise, giggles, doubt, and joy. Everything that has come with it has contributed to the woman I am today. 

I know how hard it is to juggle modern motherhood – the desire to achieve your dreams, alongside the pulling demands of life, the guilt and “never enough” feelings. I absolutely believe that women can have it all – but not all at once. You can be an incredible mother, the best partner/daughter/wife/sister/friend, a talented hobbyist, a successful career woman, a contributor to our community – if you know that in each moment, you will not be all those things! 

But I also know from experience that you can be none of these things if you don’t have your health. It is a big journey to regain control of your wellness and I love sharing my experiences, natural living skills and learnt knowledge with other women on their own health journeys. I have been writing about health for a long time but as a health coach, I can have a more direct impact on the lives of other New Zealand women. 

I also love making a difference with my writing – especially in articles and poems that invoke emotion and thought in my readers. I am passionate about normalising the real messy stuff of life through honest sharing and contemporary relatable storytelling.

I am a PreKure qualified Health Coach. 

I am passionate about helping others reach their health goals through providing knowledge, resources and learned experience.

I have completed The Food Mood Connection: Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health, with Dr Leslie Korn. 

I continue to study natural health.

I am a qualified and experienced writer.

I love to write and use it process experiences, thoughts and questions.

I have completed multiple qualifications in writing including a Postgraduate Certificate in Arts and continue to study more!

I have covered creative non-fiction, poetry, short stories, novel writing, articles, blogs, newspaper columns and social media writing and I’m currently working on two novels.