Enspirited Health & Wellness Coaching

Enspirited Health and Wellness Coaching offers one-on-one coaching to New Zealand women in an online digital space.

The first steps I take are to define my client’s goals and priorities, before collaborating with her to ensure we are working from her passions and values. We then set out on a journey of discovery together, as I support her to find and implement the knowledge, skills and tools she needs to control her own wellness.

Enspirited: enliven, put spirit into, fill with vigour.


Online health and wellbeing coaching can you rediscover your possibilities!

What is coaching?

Health coaching is about giving you the resources and confidence to take control of your wellbeing. I walk beside you to achieve your lifestyle goals, manage your health, motivate you, and help you break down barriers. I can work with your doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer or specialist to provide the support you need between their appointments, as you implement lifestyle changes. I use evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle medicine advice to ensure you have the latest and most accurate information to make informed decisions.

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What can Enspirited Health and Wellness Coaching help with?

  • Goal setting
  • Rediscovering your passion or direction
  • Lifestyle overhaul
  • Weight loss
  • Creating fitness habits
  • Recovering from anxiety and postnatal depression
  • Management of chronic disease through habit change
  • Understanding food choices, reading labels, meal planning
  • Reducing the overwhelm of juggling many hats
  • Thriving as a parent
  • Finding more energy
  • Better sleep habits
  • Self confidence
  • Daily routines so your lifestyle works for you
  • Ensuring you have great health so you can embrace all possibilities in life!

If you’re ready to prioritise your wellness, drop me a bell – I’d love to have a short (free!) chat and see how I can help support you!