Enspirited Wellness Course

Wellbeing in 6 Weeks

When you’re ready to make a change…

We connect with a group of like-minded women, on a journey to wellness and more energy.

I draw on the latest research and my own lived experience to present a 6 week lifestyle course that supports women like you to make small changes that add up to big results!

We look at:

·       Setting your vision


·       Rediscovering your passion or direction

·       Lifestyle overhaul

·       Weight loss

·       Creating fitness habits

·       Recovering from anxiety and postnatal depression

·       Management of chronic disease through habit change

·       Understanding food choices, reading labels, meal planning

·       Reducing the overwhelm of juggling many hats

·       Thriving as a parent

·       Finding more energy

·       Better sleep habits

·       Self confidence

·       Daily routines so your lifestyle works for you

·       Ensuring you have great health so you can embrace all possibilities in life!

We currently use Facebook as a platform for daily updates, inspiration and information, just for the group you are in! I provide resources, recipes, access to additional support, etc and the support from other women implementing change.

You’ll finish your course feeling more confident, with a toolbox of skills you can use to sustain change!

Enspirited Wellness Course gives you all the benefits of coaching without the high cost, in a safe and inclusive space supported by other women.

$39 one-off payment!