Week 3: Movement

Many busy people find getting up a little earlier is the most effective way of squeezing in planned exercise. 

Yoga with Adrienne is a gentle and effective way to start your day. Breathing, stretching, mindfulness is great for the soul and mind as well as the body – enjoy!

Ideally we want to be moving 60 mins a day – incidental exercise such as housework, walking to work or school, chasing the kids etc all counts, if it gets your heartrate up.

Try and squeeze in a few repitions of exercises in every couple of days (2 or 3 times a week). They’re great not just for getting the heart pumping, but for stretching places that day to day life doesnt quite touch.

Exercise is far more fun and achievable when you can enjoy it – which is why aerobics, dance and zumba are so appealing for me! Try doing a 30-60 minute session once or twice a week – maybe the others in your house might join you!

If dance is not your thing, then perhaps a simple class or core workout might suit you better:

Pilates may be a great evening exercise for you, or a cool down for a hard post-workout. 

Its also a great stand-alone session for taking it easy.

Here s a variety of other videos that you may enjoy!